Service concept

The company has strong technical force, complete testing equipment, and focuses on the research and development, production, sales and service of all kinds of high-strength rubber conveyor belts. The company's products are widely used in mineral mining, steel smelting, building materials and cement, port terminals, thermal power and other industries of industrial bulk material transportation. The main products are all kinds of steel wire rope core conveyor belts (super wear-resistant, tear resistant, flame retardant for coal mine, high temperature resistant, tubular, etc.), all kinds of fabric core conveyor belts (heat resistant, high temperature resistant, burn resistant, flame resistant, cold resistant, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, tubular, etc.), metal mesh core/straight straight wetting conveyor belts, all kinds of special conveyor belts (environmental protection and energy saving belt, arnylon belt, pattern belt, ring belt, lifting belt, anti-corrosion belt Adhesive tape, rough surface tape, etc.) and a variety of high strength rubber V belt. It can adapt to the harsh environment of various transportation, and has been recognized and praised by high-end customers at home and abroad such as Laisteel, Lianyuan Steel, Baogang, China Resources Cement, Southern Cement, Shaanxi Coal Industry, Shenhua Guodian, BHP Billiton, etc. Its market share ranks at the forefront of the country and is exported overseas.

Set design, research and development, production and trade in one of the conveyor belt and triangle belt professional production of integrated enterprises

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